Frequently asked questions

How does AppAction work?

Every time you post on Instagram, AppAction automatically creates a link to your post and shares to your connected accounts.

Is AppAction free?

AppAction is free up to 1,000 clicks per month and 100 shares.

Does it share all of my posts?

Right now, you can either select to share all of your posts, or only posts that have reached a certain amount of likes.

What are deep links?

Deep links act just like normal links, except when clicked, they open inside the Instagram App if the app happens to be installed.

Why should I use deep links?

They have been proven to increase engagement and new follower growth by over 20%!

Can I connect my business page on Facebook?

Yes! Facebook requires you to connect using your personal account first. After you connect, AppAction let’s you choose which business page you want to post your links to.

How can I see which posts do well?

At AppAction, we rely on comparing each post to your average likes and average comments. These averages are created by taking the average across your most recent 20 photos. In your dashboard, you can see how each post does compared to this average. You can even sort by most liked, commented or clicked!

How many likes and comments come from clicks on my links?

Right now we show you at the top of your dashboard the total amount of likes and comments and followers from clicks, and we are hard at work to show you by post.